New contact lens study (Study ID: MALTESE)

What are we trying to learn?

The purpose of this study is to investigate how quickly your tears evaporate before wearing contact lenses and while different daily disposable contact lenses are worn.

A new, non-invasive instrument will be used to measure how quickly your tears evaporate.

About the study

Two groups will be enrolled: (1) contact lens wearers with symptoms of dry eye and (2) contact lens wearers without symptoms of dry eye.

If eligible, you will be asked to attend the visit schedule over 2 days.

  • Visit 1 (DAY 1) – Screening visit to determine eligibility – 1.5 hours
  • Visit 2 (DAY 2) – Baseline visit – 1.5 hours

* 5.5 hours ± 30 minutes waiting time between Visit 2 & 3 *

  • Visit 3 (DAY 2) – Follow up visit and study exit (5-6 Hours after Visit 2) – 1 hour (same day)

During the 5.5 hours ± 30 minutes of waiting time, you may or may not choose to remain in the building, but will have to return for Visit 3 after 5.5 hours ± 30 minutes of Visit 2.

Total time commitment – 4 hours

The visits will include standard clinical procedures that you might encounter when you attend an eye exam and the use of one non-invasive device to measure tear evaporation.

What are the requirements?

  • Aged 17 and above
  • Spherical contact lens wearer
  • Have a maximum of 1 Dioptre difference in distance contact lens power between your eyes
  • Can be successfully fit with the two study contact lenses in the powers available (+0.50 to +6.00, -0.50 to -9.00 D)
  • Own a wearable pair of glasses

How to participate

If you are interested in participating, please call for more details or to book your appointment at 519-888-4742.  Please provide the study ID MALTESE when you call. You will be provided with all relevant study information prior to study enrollment and you are under no obligation to participate.


Time Commitment

Start Date

End Date

$80 4 hours August 2019