Research Study for Near-sighted Children: HONEYDEW

Nearsightedness can increase as children grow and the goal of myopia control is to slow down this progression. This study is comparing an investigational daily disposable contact lens designed to control myopia progression to a regular contact lens.

What would happen if you and your child took part in this study?

If you both decide to take part in this study you would attend 11 study visits at CORE over 3 years, totaling 30.5 hours. Your child would be fitted with either the study contact lens or a control lens and asked to wear the lenses daily for the duration of the study. In appreciation of your time you will receive $20/hour for attending study visits, up to $650 for study completion. All study products will be provided by CORE.

Would this study be a good fit for my child?

This study might be a good fit for your child if

  • They are between 7-12 years of age
  • They have a prescription between -0.75 and -4.50 Dioptre of spherical power with no greater than 1 Dioptre of astigmatism in each eye
  • They have never had myopia control treatment before or participated in a previous myopia control study

Safety during COVID-19

We want to let you know that we have revised several of our protocols to keep participants and researchers safe during the pandemic. Measures we have taken to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 are explained in an information letter, which we will send to you should you express interest in participating.

To take part in the HONEYDEW research study please make a volunteer profile for your child. If you meet the study criteria, you will be provided with all relevant study information prior to study enrollment, and you are under no obligation to participate. If you would like more information about nearsightedness and myopia control click here.


Time Commitment

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