New contact lens study (Study ID: DINGO)

What are we trying to learn?

We are aiming to find out which of these two lenses is easier to handle and also which one suits you the best. You will be asked to wear each lens for a 1-month period.

About the study

The study has several study visits over approximately a 3-4 month period:

  • Visit 1 – Screening visit to determine eligibility and initial lens fit – 1.5 hours
  • Visit 2 – Lens fitting, continued (for some, additional visits may be required) – 1.5 hour
  • Visit 3 – Provide lens pair #1 (may be combined with Visit 2) – 0.5 hour
  • Visit 4 – Review & optimize contact lens prescription, after 3-7 days – 0.5 hour
  • Visit 5 – End of month follow-up visit  – 1 hour
  • Visit 6 – Provide lens pair #2 (may be combined with Visit 5) – 0.5 hour
  • Visit 7 – Review & optimize contact lens prescription, after 3-7 days – 0.5 hour
  • Visit 8 – End of month follow-up visit  – 0.75 hour
  • Visit 9 – Exit study  – 0.25 hour

Total visit time commitment – estimated 7 hours

The visits will include standard clinical procedures that you might encounter when you attend a routine contact lens eye exam.

Please note that you will be within 2m (6 feet) of the researcher during some or most of your study visit time. At all times, the furthest possible distance will be maintained. There are some questionnaires to be completed between study visits, estimated maximum time commitment of 1 hour spread across the study period.

What are the requirements?

  • Age ≥42 years, needing a prescription for astigmatism (at least -0.75 cylinder) and needing additional help for close focus (at least +0.75DS).
  • Generally in good health.
  • Currently wear some type of soft contact lens, but do not habitually wear either of the study contact lenses.
  • Anticipate being able to wear the study lenses for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Can be fit with the two study lens types (sphere +4 to -6, cylinder -0.75 to -1.75, ADD +0.75 to +2.50).


In appreciation of your time, you will receive at least $160 for completing all questionnaires and study visits. This may increase of you require additional lens fitting visits, prorated at $20 per hour. All study products will be provided.

How to participate

If you are interested in participating, please email with the subject line: DINGO.  You will be provided with all relevant study information prior to study enrolment and you are under no obligation to participate. 


Time Commitment

Start Date

End Date